no baby, no wig

12 Sep

I came across this little treasure, today.

Yeah, I love me some costumes.

Yeah, I love playing dress-up.

Yeah, I’m all about a good theme.

Yeah, I’ve been planning the baby’s Halloween costume since the last time I waddled around toting a Trick Or Treat bucket.

But, still…

I’d say that Lil Lil Kim is a bit much, even for Lil ole me.

However, I’m not going to lie; I have already been scheming about how to justify more than one Halloween costume for a baby who is not yet old enough to eat candy

(nor trick-or-treat,

nor say trick-or treat,

nor walk, for that matter.)

I’ll see what ideas I can pull out of my old bag of tricks.

Baby, you can dress up in as many costumes as you want. My treat.


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