high (holiday) anxiety

7 Sep

The high holidays are upon us.

It is time to dip our apples into honey,

and to eat circular foods,

and to ring in the New Year (wassup Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider?!) with our loved ones.

So, as it is with any other right of passage,

I have a bit of anxiety.

Between now and sundown tomorrow,

I must do some serious grocery shopping,

bake 2 challahs (challot? challeem? challi?),

and, of course, pick out a high holiday dinner outfit for the baby.

She already has her outfit for services (that was taken care of back in May. This will be her first big public appearance, after all. We had to pull something off of the runways, early. It’s major.)

but, until right this very moment, I had neglected to figure out what she’d be wearing to the family dinner.

These are the parameters:

The outfit must be cute (This goes without saying, but, I’ll say it anyway, I’m long-winded, like that.)

The outfit mustn’t have been photographed, previously. Once it’s been viewed by the masses, it must be retired to the vault.

The outfit must be comfy.


But, seriously. I shall leave this one up to a vote.

Thank you much!

Oh, and of course I’ll go with the winning look that you choose. And I’ll let you know tomorrow.

There may even be some photos snapped.

And then, alas, that outfit will be forced into the vault, as well.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Or, something like that.


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