all we are saying,

5 Sep

is give peas chance.

Can you guess which new veggie we tried tonight?

And by we, I mean the baby.

I wasn’t getting near the stuff.

Despite my aversion, she seemed quite smitten.

What a champ!

Her vegetable of choice was not by accident.

Although it pained me to switch her off of sweet potatoes,

(oh how we loooooved our sweet potatoes),

I was inspired by a little photo I found earlier today.

You see, while I was on bedrest, I managed to totally get my craft on.

I was nesting,

or something like that.

I transformed the dug-out into an enchanted garden,

I painted quotes and lyrics and sayings onto canvases, to hang on her wall,


I took to making my own onesies.

I tye-died, I sewed, I sequined,

I even puffy painted.

Yeah, things got crazy up in here.

Anyway, this evening, I came across a Photobooth shot of a onesie I made, while very, very, hugely pregnant (I can tell that I had reached critical mass because in the photo, I’m no longer wearing my engagement ring. It no longer fit on the sausages that Ihad previously called ‘fingers’.) The photo is backwards. And unfocused. That’s Photobooth for ya!

Anyhoo, here ’tis:

And then there were,



Trust me, I know these are not professional quality.  I know that Michael Kors would dismiss them as being “a little Holly Hobbie”,

but, you know what? I don’t really care. These little onesies, that once looked so impossibly small to me, are a small token of the incredible anticipation I felt, while I was waiting to meet the love of my life.

So, I love them. I always will. And, I hope she does too.

Well, at least as much as she loves her peas.


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