in a blink

2 Sep

It’s amazing.

This week is my daughter’s 20 week birthday.

20 weeks.

In thinking of the significance of this week, I can’t help but to think of another 20 week milestone.

It was at 20 weeks pregnant that I found out that we were having a baby girl.

That was a whole 40 weeks,

the length of a whole, entire pregnancy,


How has it been 40 weeks since that ultrasound ultraMeltdown?

How has it been 20 weeks since my baby story began?

It’s too fast.

It’s flying by.

Just last night, as I pulled the baby close to me for her last feeding of the night,

I felt my inside swell, as I remembered those first days;

the hospital days,

when the nurses would wheel in my little, tiny, wrapped up angel,

swaddled in soft blankets,

so that only the top half of her face was exposed,

just as  the sun was starting to peak out from over the hills

at dawn.

I remember her tiny eyes, that were already looking into mine,

so alert and curious,

as she latched on,

and the world would shrink down to just the two of us.

These milestones continue to creep up on me,

and take my breath away.

Yesterday, as I arrived at school for my in-service meetings,

I was overcome, with the feeling that I had just been there.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was going to these back to school meetings,

newly pregnant (and, may I add, secretly pregnant),

very, painfully morning-sick,

and running away from the lunch trays of tuna hoagies and greeks salads?

That was not easy. I’m surprised that my gorgeous green complexion did not give my little (very little!) secret away.

Has it really been a whole year?

A year ago, my baby was the size of a grain of rice.

I saw her heartbeat flicker on the screen, as my own heart began to beat in a completely new way. It beat as a mother.

Now, my baby is eating rice (cereal, that is. And really, it’s oatmeal now. And sweet potaters. But, you know.)

A. Whole. Year?

I guess what they say is true:

Time flies when you’re falling in love.


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