Talk about magically delicious!

31 Aug

Boy, am I in trouble.

Thank you, J, for sending me a mobile photo of these,


Princesses in a can,

snapped right in the soup aisle of the supermarket.

Not only do I get to ride my daughter,

or even wear my daughter,

but I now get to eat her, as well.

Now that’s mmmm mmmm good.


One Response to “Talk about magically delicious!”

  1. Maya August 31, 2010 at 9:14 pm #

    This made me think, since my son and I are into those extravagant cakes you see on Ace of Cakes or The Cake Boss, etc. And since you are *maybe* (or not) already planning her first birthday…Anyway there is a cake pan sold by Wilton that can be made into a princess dress (it has a hole and you put the princess of your choice on top, or if you are super crafty you can make her out of sugar/fondant).

    It is called the Wonder Mold Kit

    Not sure if that will work, so try this if it doesn’t

    Also google princess doll cake in images to get an idea.

    *****WARNING**** if you think you go all out for number 1 and do the cake, be warned for birthday 2 and 3. I’ll let you know about Bday 4. Its addicting, expensive, time consuming, but fondant is fun to play with 😉 Oh, but use MMF (Marshmallow fondant) if you do.

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