30 Aug

So guess what?

I’m officially part of the waddle club, again!

No, I’m not pregnant.

Tricked ya,

didn’t I?

Seriously, though. This afternoon it hit me. I’m no more mobile today than I was when I was lugging a 7lb baby around in my uterus.

Why, you ask?

The infant car seat.

Trying to schlep a baby

(especially a baby who happens to be exceedingly tall. She’s a D.M.I.T: Diaper Model in Training) is not easy.

In fact, it’s pretty darn heavy.

And, because it takes me so long to get around,

I end up lingering in places

like random drugstore aisles

and buying things

like princess band-aids.

Like today, for instance. I could barely move, while trying to juggle the baby seat, a bottle of benadryl, (the aforementioned) band-aids and a few bags of pretzel m&ms. It must have been the extra bag of bite sized chocolate morsels that weighed me down.

I managed to cart the baby around the drug store, into the car and up the front stairs, feeling as if my arm was going to snap off into two, when I saw it:

A dainty, perfect white feather,

stretching gracefully on the ground before me.

And just like that, the load in my arms became a little lighter.

I found my strength.

My angels were there to help me to carry her home.

After all,

where would a waddler be without her feathers?


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