A typical morning in the Land of Mom.

26 Aug

You know those mornings, 

when you get to sleep until 8, 

and wake up, in your favorite, freshly washed pair of jammies, 

and walk into the bathroom

to find that your hair, 

which can have a life of it’s own, in these warm, summer months, 

has dried into pretty, soft, curls, 

and you feel kind of good about yourself, 

so you grab your delicious baby girl, 

who is also wearing your favorite, freshly washed jammies, 

and hold her tight, 

in a warm embrace, 

as you take in her yummy baby smell and give her soft baby kisses?

You do?

Oh, then you must also know that those are the days when, inevitably, 

your warm, snuggly, clean pj’d baby will decide to spit up, 

all over you, 

all over your jammies, 

all over your hair, 

covering you. 

And by you, 

I mean me. 

I guess spit-up is the new souvenir in the Land of Mom. 

Lucky me. 


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