The Cream of the Crop

18 Aug

Tonight, I will be watching Top Chef.

Tonight, my parents will be living Top Chef.

Above is a photo just sent to me by my parents (apologies for the quality, ’tis Blackberry photo for you),

capturing my dad with Kevin, from the current D.C. installment of the show.

I’m sure that in,


approximately 55 minutes my phone will ring,

with my father calling to give me the “food-run-down”.

This is something we do after every spectacular meal.

My love of all things food is something that I’ve inherited from my father.

Oh, and by the way, the buttermilk fried chicken from the other evening?

Yeah, that was his.

The man can cook.

And, while were on the subject of dad,

he looks pretty darn good for a grandfather, wouldn’t you say?

Yeah, ladies call him handsome.

I call him “chicken nugget head”.

To each her own.


6 Responses to “The Cream of the Crop”

  1. Gordon February 28, 2012 at 9:18 pm #

    Are you sure this isn’t “Kevin with Anthony Bourdain?”


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