One of the things that they did not cover in the What to Expect books is…

16 Aug

that there are times that you may find a piece of fried chicken in your baby’s bellybutton.


and definitely a little gross,

but true.

This unusual phenomenon has been known to occur when the baby starts to cry just as the mommy sits down to dinner.

Dinner may or may not consist of  leftover fried chicken.

The mommy may find that all of her efforts to calm the baby prove fruitless, save holding the baby on her lap,

as mommy tries to scarf down a few bites.

This might lead to a few rogue pieces of chicken falling on mommy’s lap.

Let’s not forget to mention, once again, that baby is also on mommy’s lap.

Baby may or may not be sound asleep, with mouth hanging wide open, purring, gently.

It is possible that later that evening, the mommy will undress the baby in preparation for bath time,

only to find a small crumb of fried chicken coating nestled in the tiny baby bellybutton.

What can I say?

Finger lickin’

Belly stickin’



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