Golden Slumbers

2 Aug

For any new parent, sleep is a precious commodity.

You bring home your baby from the hospital, ready to experience the most intense, blinding love of your life,

and then, you soon realize, you’re tired.

And by tired,

I mean drained to your core.

And by drained to your core,

I mean that the only thing that you can think about that is intense and blinding

is the weight of your head, as you struggle to find a moment’s rest.

Okay, maybe it’s not that bad, but good sleep is hard to come by.

And that’s just your sleep. There’s also your baby’s sleep to worry about.

Before our daughter was born, I had so many ideas of how I would dress her.

I dreamed of embellishments, sparkles, and many shades of pink.

During these fantasies, I didn’t often stop to think about comfort, practicality, quality or ease.

Hey, can you blame me? I had sparkles in my eyes.

As soon as we brought her home, I realized that the most difficult part of parenthood involved sleep;

Her sleep, my sleep, and everyone’s ability to get rest.

My visions of glittery, tie-dyed, magenta one-piece pajamas flew out of the shiny window from which they came.

Life became about comfort, ease and softness, so her bedtime attire was limited to the unappealing undershirts that they gave us in the hospital.

They made life, and middle-of-the-night-diaper-changes, so much easier.

But they were an eyesore.

They only covered her top half, if that.

And then, one day, my life changed; I discovered the convertible gown.

The convertible gown is the all-in-one, most perfect, versatile, sensible piece of slumber attire in existence.

These gowns button up, so that you don’t have to worry about pulling anything over the tiny’s baby’s sensitive (/beautiful/perfect/downy) head,

and are open at the bottom for,


“easy access”.

No more fumbling, with tired eyes and clumsy hands,

to try to close complicated snaps that snake up the legs,

while you,


miss a snap, and end up having to undo and subsequently redo the entire thing.

Okay, maybe that was just me.

But, who can remember? Those days are long gone.

I soon became a tried and true member of the Convertible Gown Lovers Club.

Little did I know that my love of convertible gowns was about to reach entirely new heights.

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting baby heaven, otherwise known as The Children’s Boutique, in Center City, Philadelphia.

The baby section is exactly what one would look for when shopping for a precious infant: cozy, beautiful, swathed in cotton candy colors, and with soft fabrics abounding.

It was in this perfect little section,

that I found the perfect little gown.

This gown is heaven, in organic cotton form.

From the second I saw it,

and felt it,

I could not wait to own this gown,

and to see the little pink elephants on my daughter’s little pink body.

This gown is so lovely,

as it is comfortable and cozy enough to lounge around in, or to wear to sleep,

yet also stylish enough to go out and show the baby off in.

All in all, a more perfect piece of clothing, I could not find.

Well, that’s a lie.

It would be more perfect if it came in with a built in baby snooze button,

and a 12-hour-sleep, guarantee.

But hey,

it’s as close to perfect as a new mom can get.

And let me just say,

my daughter wore this gown to bed last night,

and guess what?

She slept like a baby.

Disclosure: This gown was given to me as a gift from The Children’s Boutique. The opinions expressed in this piece are 100% honest and 100% my own.

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