While the cat’s away…

1 Aug

This week,

I will embarking upon a great new challenge;

I will be attempting to leave the house, for a few hours a day,

and to be on a schedule.

You see, this week,

I will be substitute teaching.

Because I was put on bedrest in my 9th month of pregnancy,

and because I am a teacher,

I have not worked since March.

Officially, I do not go back to work for another month,

which is awesome, by the way,

but for the next five days, I will be working for a few hours a day,

in a classroom with one of my dear friends.

I’m excited and calm and ready, right?


You know me better than that by now.

I am a wreck.

I have to be on a set schedule (oye)

I have to pump at specific times (eek)

and I have to miss a few hours of my daughter’s day, every day, for five days (is there a sound that I can use to signify a deluge of tears? does “WAHHH” work?)


Fortunately, the baby will be taken care of,

and loved up,

by family and loved ones.

She’s in good hands.

They’re just not my hands.

I just overheard my husband talking to the baby,

telling her all about the week ahead.

It went a little something like this:

“We get to be soooooo naughty this week, while mommy’s at work! We get to put chocolate all over our faces and put our handprints all over the walls. And then, we’re gonna take magic markers and write all over the bannister. And then, we’re gonna paint the dogs all different colors. It’s gonna be the best!”


Or, should I say, WAHHHH.

I’m not upset at the thought of them getting into naughtiness.

Of course not.

I’m upset at the thought of them getting into naughtiness without me.

Since the moment she was born, I have been a part of every part of my daughter’s every thing.

How am I going to do this?

I guess I’ll just have to breathe,


and hope for the best.

And, until then,



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