what’s on your soundtrack?

30 Jul

This evening, as my daughter was entertaining herself in, what I like to call, the Under the Sea seat,

I tuned in to hear it playing Pachelbel’s Canon,

which was, as it is for many people, one of the songs played during our wedding ceremony.

The flautist played that most beautiful Canon in D,

As the people most important to us walked down the aisle.

It is a song that will forever be on our soundtrack.

When it came time for me to walk down the aisle, my own quivering elbow linked with my dad’s strong arm,

it was a saxophone, playing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”,

that serenaded us down our path;

a road not paved in bricks, nor yellow in hue, but one that lead me to my new place called home.

But, I bet you could have guessed that.

Another song in our sacred list.

When I made my way back up the aisle,

after the vows were recited, the glass broken, the lips kissed,

my arm now linked with my new husband’s,

it was “All You Need is Love” that filled the room.

And now, the words, “All You Need is Love–Love is All You Need” hang in our home,

on a painting,

that we look at every day.

Another song on our mix.

Of course, there’s Sweethearts Together,

which has been in our soundtrack for as long as we have been an us.

And, our beloved This Will Be Our Year,

which served as our solace in the past,

and is now our precious nighttime serenade.

There are so many more songs that have filled our lives,

given color to our days,

and lulled us to sleep;

as well as the sweetest sounds of the baby’s voice,

her coos and new laughter,

that are now, and forever, part of our most sacred soundtrack.

The world that we’ve created and the family that we’ve made has always been filled with music.

And now, everything sounds just a bit lovelier,

as we listen to the songs that have played us down the aisle,

and under the sea,

as our hearts sing,

louder and louder,

with each passing



2 Responses to “what’s on your soundtrack?”

  1. Meredith B. July 30, 2010 at 9:15 pm #

    Pachelbel’s Canon in D is part of my soundtrack too! It’s the song that played when I walked down the aisle. Our attendants were introduced to the reception to Shakedown Street by The Grateful Dead, and we were introduced to Crazy In Love by Beyonce. Our first dance song is our song, In Your Eyes originally by Peter Gabriel, but we like the Jeffrey Gaines version. It was the song that was playing in the background when Brad proposed, and it was the song we fell in love to while watching Say Anything while first starting to date. I love that there are certain songs that bring with them a sense of nostalgia, and can hold memories deep within them. 🙂

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