Go Nuts!

29 Jul

The following conversation may or may not have happened this evening:

Me: Do you know what’s a shame?

Husband: What’s that?

Me: That you don’t like peanut butter.

Husband: I know.

Me: Like, seriously. It’s a problem.

Husband: I know. Seriously. It makes no sense.

Me: Seriously! How could you not like peanut butter? It’s amazing.

Husband: I know. I love peanuts, I love butter, I don’t know why I don’t like it. What’s wrong with me?

Me: You have to try it again. It’s soooooooo good. Peanut butter desserts are the BEST.

Husband: I know, I bet peanut butter makes things so much better. I have to like it.

Me: Tonight, I want you to take a spoonful.

Husband: No, I’m not ready.

Me: Come on. Buck up.

Husband: No. But how about a Reese’s.

Me: MMMMMMMM Reese’s.

Husband: How about Reese’s Pieces?

Me: I need them. NOW. Can you go out and get them?

Husband: Really? Ok.

[Husband pauses to think]

Husband: Do you know what we should totally do? We should do a Top Chef style candy bar taste test challenge.

Me: No, we can’ do that. Can we?

Husband: We’re doing it.

Yes, we are adults.

Yes, we are parents.

Yes we have impulse control.


I don’t care.

He had me at Reese’s.

So, I will give you one guess as to what we will be doing as soon as our daughter falls asleep.

I’ll give you a hint:

It’s nutty.

I know, I crack myself up, too.

Get it?


As in “nut”?

Okay, enough. Candy bars are a-callin’.

Judge all you want.

But I’m the one with the candy.

Here is the recipe for making 2 tired, new parents ridiculously happy:

Take 1 boring Thursday night.

Add a boat load of candy.

Throw in a dash of competitive spirit.

Live sweetly and enjoy.


One Response to “Go Nuts!”


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