goodnight bunnies

28 Jul

“Before you were conceived
I wanted you
Before you were born
I loved you
Before you were here an hour
I would give my life for you
This is the miracle of life.”

-quote by Maureen Hawkins

Going by the old handy-dandy pregnancy calculators,

it was exactly one year ago today

that my daughter first made her grand entrance

into my womb.

I remember that day well,

as we saw a family of rabbits dancing next to our front porch.

This is not a euphemism.

On the day I conceived my daughter,

A group of rabbits hopped and scampered in a circle, as we sat outside, eating dessert, and laughing,


at their beautiful recital.

Now, talk about a metaphor.

Maybe those little bunnies were, in fact, a sign;

a harbinger of the tiny dancer who would soon be making my heart skip with her small, amazing kicks,

felt by me,

and me alone,

for so long.

Happy Anniversary,


I’ve loved you more and more, each day.

Happy Anniversary,


I hope that you are somewhere,

hopping and dancing,

by the light of the summer moon,

and the twinkling fireflies,

whose glow will guide you into tomorrow.


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