it’s kind of nice having a daughter

23 Jul

…when it’ s 10 am on a Friday, and you’re packing for the beach,

and you can carry your daughter into your closet,

and say,

“Can you help me to pick out a pair of shoes to wear out to dinner?”

And, although you know she has no idea what you’re talking about,

because she’s still so small,

and doesn’t know what “espadrilles” are,

you think that maybe,

just maybe,

she kind of does get it.

Maybe not the strappy sandals part,

but the “I feel so lucky to be able to share these things with you”


So, yeah, having a girl is rather lovely.

Or, as my husband would say,

“Girls rule, boys drool!”

I guess it’s kind of nice having them both, now that I think of it.


One Response to “it’s kind of nice having a daughter”


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