recipe for a healthy Saturday night dinner

18 Jul

The following is the exact conversation that I had with my husband over our Saturday night dinner, last evening:

Me: Remember PMS?

Husband: OMG, yes. That was one thing I did not miss while you were pregnant.

Me: [nodding]

Husband: Actually, come to think of it, the whole pregnancy was just like a giant 9-month-long PMS. I do not miss those pregnancy hormones.

Me: [opening my mouth to speak]

Husband: Actually, no, not during the first 3 months. During those months, all you did was sleep. That gave me tons of time to catch up on some video-games.

Me: [rolling eyes]

Husband: Never mind, I’ll be quiet now.

Me: [patting husband on back, as if to say “good boy”]


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