While I was pregnant, I…

12 Jul

used my belly as a tray table

learned all about the linea negra

got a prenatal massage

wouldn’t let the man at the nail salon massage me, anywhere

was put on bed rest

read a few too many books written by celebrities

saw my daughter’s heart beating

heard my daughter’s heart beating

felt my heart skip a beat

ate Thanksgiving dinner, several times

ate my body weight in watermelon

gave “I carried a watermelon”  a whole new meaning

sang the National Anthem at a political fundraiser

sang Showtunes at an outdoor concert

performed in a children’s show

developed a debilitating aversion to cobb salad

and french onion soup

and Purdue chicken nuggets

cried during commercials

prayed, every day

knocked on wood

got a belly rub from Bill Clinton

got feeding advice from Senator Alren Specter

got everything advice from everyone,

and their mother

said, “It’s not me, it’s the hormones.”

danced on the Broadway stage at “Hair”

danced at our cousins’ wedding

ate buffalo wings, every night, for two weeks straight

drank sparkling cider on New Years Eve

went into labor and delivery…

four times

saw many, many feathers

listened to my husband read “Harry Potter” to my belly

gave up sushi

gave up diet coke

gave up green tea

and tylenol

and yoga

and hoagies

and brie

and my waistline

saw little feet sticking out of my tummy

had contractions

had a c-section

first fell in love with the tiny, precious person that I’m blessed to call my own.


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