daddies and diapeys

7 Jul

My husband is the samurai of diapers.

The diaper king.

Nevermind that he had never changed a single diaper before our daughter was born.

But, because of my c-section, and subsequent innability to move more than a fraction of an inch without being in absolute agony,

He had to learn,

and he had to learn fast.

On the job training.

And, he took to it. Remember when he squealed in delight when the baby peed on him?

Yeah, that’s a good daddy, for you.

And even now, he’s the diaper pro of the house.

You see, you can tell a daddy diaper from a mommy diaper.

A mommy diaper is put on, somewhat skillfully, but frequently in a rush, as mommies (or at least this mommy) need to move on to the day’s next activity.

A daddy diaper, however, is perfectly placed, perfectly sealed, into the perfect little poopy-pouch. Daddy’s diaper never leaks, or falls of, or sticks to baby’s cute little tummy.

But, the best part of the daddy diapers are the songs that come with them.

My personal favorite?

“Did you get that dirty diapey at the dirty diapey store?”

Yeah, that’s a husband original.

And, as he pointed out to me,

and I quote,

“Actually, there are a couple of variations to my song. Did you get that ‘diapey’ at the dirty diaper store? It used to be clean, but it ain’t anymorrrrrre.”

And this, my friends, is exactly why I married him.

Do you take this man as your lawfully wedded husband, to change your future daughter’s diapers with finesse and care,

for as long as she pees and poops in her pants?

I do.


One Response to “daddies and diapeys”

  1. Lauren goldberg July 7, 2010 at 11:37 pm #

    I love this chapter. Your writing is so much fun to read. I have enjoyed all of the chapters. keep them coming. Lauren

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