guide to being a good Jewish mother

6 Jul

My grandmother just popped over for a second on her way out to do errands.

She asked if we needed anything at the store, while she was out.

I told her that we were fine, and that I couldn’t think of anything we needed.

On her way back, she popped back over,

With her little arms overflowing with bags.

She came back to drop off the giant steak, bagels, loaf of rye bread, container of cut up mango, blueberries, box of biscotti, muffins, apple cake, stir fried vegetables, sweet potatoes and other assorted goodies that she picked up for us,

Figuring we could use these essentials.

Now that’s a real Jewish grandmother for you.

Nobody does a care package quite like a Mommom.

(or a Bubbie, Nana, Grammy or Savta, whatever the case may be).


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