bbm (boring baby mama)

5 Jul

my bbm transcript from Saturday night.

Late night.

Okay, it was 10:30pm. Shut up.

I messaged my sister: “Guess where I’m going??”

Sister: “Uhhhh bed?”

Me: “Uhhhh NO. Mama’s goin’ out!”

Sister: “OMG! Where?”

Me: “[insert name of Atlantic City Hotel hot night spot]”

Sister: “Seriously? You’re so cool. I’m so proud of you!”

Me: “I know. I’m such a cool mom now.”

[insert long pause]

Me: “Um, would you think I were less cool if I told you that I’m actually going out with mom and dad? Dad says he’ll take shots! And I pumped!”

Sister: “Slightly less trashy and scandalous, slightly more lame. But not by much.”


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