save the date

29 Jun

So, yesterday, my husband I were chatting.

I asked him about our baby’s first birthday party.

You know,

our baby,

who just turned 10-weeks-old…

I was only kidding around!

Well, kinda.

I may be crazy

But I’m not THAT kind of crazy.

Anyway, I was just daydreaming about our little girl,

her hands and face covered in globs of pink cupcake icing,

with a giant “1” candle in front of her giant new-toothy smile.

So, logically, we needed to brainstorm themes.

Or, more accurately, I needed my husband to brainstorm themes.

(What can I say?
These kind of conversations are entertaining for me!)

And so, here are the theme ideas, in the order that he gave them to me, verbatim, for our baby’s first birthday in April, 2011:



Movie Stars



Sleeping Beauty



Looney Tunes


I like Glowworms

Cute Dogs


Flower Child


So, mark it on your calendars. It is sure to be the social event of the season.

And, remember, BYOG.

Bring your own glowworm.


9 Responses to “save the date”

  1. lexi June 29, 2010 at 2:13 pm #

    cant wait! date is saved!! xo


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