solid gold

23 Jun

There are many things that you can expect parenthood will do to you.

You will learn to love in ways you never thought possible.

You won’t sleep well again.

You will cuddle up into a comforter that has been spit up on, not caring for an instant, because that nap is just that important.

But, one unexpected perk o’ parenthood is that it turns you into a most creative songwriter.

I’m not just talking about the occasional, “I love youuu. Yes I doooo. Goo goo goo”.

I’m talking full out, verse, chorus, bridge, Grammy-quality, personally yours, made up, on the fly, for baby dearest tunes.

Our top 3 billboard titles of the week?

3. Who is the Cutest Poopy Monster?

2. You are a Cute Little Puppy with Paws

1. Look at that Beautiful Fontanelle

Oh, and the answer is yes, we will be touring in Germany next year.


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